HP Posters

These posters feature illustration designed to catch the eye with bright colors and images. The posters come in a series of three, highlighting the software, hardware, and print divisions of Hewlett Packard.

Photosynth Package Poster

This package design and poster imaging were done for Microsoft Photosynth, a new software that builds 3D models using existing photos as texture. They each have a unique representation of the software features.

Climate Change Poster

This poster was created to bring attention to the changing climate using imagery that catches the eye and delivers a strong message about the fate of our planet. It also features a graph and information about global temperatures since the Industrial Revolution.

AIGA Lexicon

Selected pages from a New World Lexicon by AIGA, created for a project at the Academy of Art University. Each page features a word with etymology, a definition and imagery that relates to the subject.

Analog Photos

These photographs were processed to give them an analog feel, much like the pictures taken by amatuer photographers. The goal was to show the harsh beauty of an industrial area.

Scorched Earth

Canon Rebel XTI | EF Wide Angle


Canon Rebel XTI | 18-36mm


Canon Rebel XTI | 18-36mm

Natural Bridges

Canon Rebel XTI | 75-300mm telephoto

36 Long Exposure Images

Canon Rebel XTI | 18-36mm | 30 sec

NOTE: images cycle 20fps when loaded