Vans Rebrand

The goal of this project was to update the look of Vans, a company that sells skateboard apparel. It includes new branding guidelines, advertisements, and a website with content driven by the community through an iPhone app.

HP Posters

These posters feature illustration designed to catch the eye with bright colors and images. The posters come in a series of three, highlighting the software, hardware, and print divisions of Hewlett Packard.

Textronic Font

This font is simple and clean with rounded edges and a high tech feel. The project includes a book containing glyphs, usage, and process. A poster displaying the font in all its forms is also highlighted.

Scotts Valley Library

This website and collateral was designed to kick off a capital campaign to provide amenities for the new Scotts Valley Library. The logo was used across all media and the website features a donation page to help raise funds.

Reasons to Fear Google from Taylor Dodds on Vimeo.

Analog Photos

These photographs were processed to give them an analog feel, much like the pictures taken by amatuer photographers. The goal was to show the harsh beauty of an industrial area.